Metal Stamping

When the stamping tools and dies completed, we can arrange stamping production for you. There are more than 50 sets of stamping presses equipped in our China stamping plant. Our stamping capability range from 10 ton to 320 ton.

And you can also transfer your stamping tools and dies which were made by other manufacturers to us for future stamping production. We will be responsible for the maintenance work. There is no charges for the tooling maintenance work.

China precision metal stamping manufacturing company stamping tools and dies for production


Samples of stamped metal parts we produced for our customers.

precision steel stamping part Stamped aluminium-heat sink
Precision steel stamping part
Stamped aluminum-heat sink
precision stainless stamping optical mouse Progressive metal stamping - Terminals
Optical mouse -precision stainless stamping
Progressive metal stamping - Terminals
LCD TV metal stamping Computer case metal stamping
Precision metal stamping dies
Computer case metal stamping

Contact us now for your next custom metal stamping project. You can expect a prompt response and on-time delivery of quality metal stampings. We look forward to hearing from you soon.